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Friday, 29th:


Front-end/Theme Course:

CSS: Responsive Media Queries

The Beauty of CSS Preprocessors – An Introduction to Sass

The Core Concepts of WordPress Themes


Creating Private Networks with BuddyPress

Move all the things to BuddyPress! (Example File here)

Social Mobile Apps: BuddyPress + WP-API

Saturday, 30th:


How-To Manage All of Your WordPress Sites with Jetpack

How To Improve Your SEO With WordPress

How to Start a WordPress E-commerce site using WooCommerce

How to Take Your WordPress Site Security to the Next Level

How To Start A WordPress Membership Website

How To Find The Best WordPress Plugins For You

How To Structure Your Content In A WordPress Site

How To Optimize Your WordPress Site

How To Contribute to WordPress Without Coding

Content & Design:

The Quick Tech Checklist for Your WordPress E-Commerce Website

Content Marketing + WordPress: A Match Made Online

Streamlining the Web Design Process Using Style Tiles

Constructing a large informational site

How To Speak Unicorn: Improving Designer/Developer Collaboration

Understanding your Project before you start

Developers (Sat):

Introduction To AJAX In WordPress

Beyond The Post: Pushing the limits of Custom Post Types

Building Web Apps with WordPress

WP-CLI: Save Time by Managing WordPress from the Command Line

Integrating Third-party APIs with WordPress

Dev Like You Mean It: Using Vagrant to take your development to the next level

Sunday, 31st:


First Things First – Your Business Model Counts

Building and Leveraging Your Reputation

Contract Basics for Web Professionals

All Users:

Using Expertise, Authority and Trust in Your Content to Boost Search Ranking

Avoiding Dangerous and Low-Quality Plugins and Themes

Developers (Sun):

Genesis Mini-Workshop (Part 1)

Genesis Mini-Workshop (Part 2)

Introduction to Plugin Development

Writing WordPress Plugins with Standards

Intro to WP-API

Building Client Side Web App using WP-API

Intro to Developing Web Sites with WordPress and AngularJS

Build Your Dev Environment with Docker

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