WordPress Beginner’s 101- May 29th in Miami, FL


Very happy to announce that SiteGround – one of our Gold Sponsors – is also exclusively sponsoring the WordCamp Miami beginner’s workshop. What this means is that we will be talking more about how you can use hosting companies like SiteGround (and others) in setting up your WordPress site. You can look forward to learning about the exclusive offerings SiteGround and other hosting companies are offering to WordCamp Miami attendees.


If you are new to WordPress, then you want to make sure you attend our beginner’s workshop. And as our beginner workshops are quite popular, we wanted to share with you some information before they sell out.

Our workshop is happening on May 29th at FIU. Our workshops worked out last year very well and sold out rather quickly. We limit our workshops to about 100 attendees, SO IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO GRAB A TICKET BEFORE OUR WORKSHOPS SELL OUT.

Registration will start at 8am, and a full day’s schedule is planned (9am to 5pm). Lunch will be provided, so just bring yourself (a laptop or tablet is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, or something to take notes with) and get ready for a full day of getting up to speed with WordPress. After this workshop you’ll be ready for WordCamp Miami weekend (May 30th and May 31st).


Here’s what we cover in our beginner workshop (note that this schedule might be adjusted, and if so we’ll alert all ticket holders).

1. Decisions / Education (Selecting a domain, what hosting provider might be the best for you, comparing WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org, etc.)

2. Installation and Setup (Guiding through how to install WordPress and giving a tour of the general WordPress admin)

3. Getting Started with WordPress (Showcasing every day things that you do in WordPress such as creating and editing posts, pages, categories, tags, etc. Also we go into items like comment moderation)

4. WordPress Themes (Discussion about trusted sources of getting WordPress themes, best practices, widgets, menus, header images, background images, and more)

5. Trouble Shooting (Knowledge share on common WordPress problems, troubleshooting, customizing, importing/exporting, and more)

6. Plugins (Best practices for plugins, “must-have” plugins, and how to use WordPress beyond a blogging platform)

Our beginner workshops usually sellout, so if you want to learn more about using WordPress or want to review the basic concepts before the WordCamp Miami weekend, grab a ticket.