Early Bird Tickets On Sale!

Update March 19th: Our second batch of EARLY BIRD WEEKEND TICKETS have sold out. We will be offering general admission tickets shortly. Make sure to be on our mailing list for any ticket announcements.

Just a quick note that we have opened a second round of early bird tickets for those who want to grab a ticket before we announce speakers and detailed plans. Click here to buy your weekend ticket.

Update (2/25): Our first batch has sold out. We will be releasing a second batch soon. To know when that second batch is coming please check back on this site, follow our updates on twitter (@wordcampamiami) or subscribe to our mailing list.

We doing something special this year!

We wanted to thank the people that come to WordCamp Miami year after year – ESPECIALLY those that buy a ticket before speakers and many details are announced.

We are opening batches of early bird tickets to the public.

Why You Want To Get a Ticket Now:

Reason #1: The earlier you buy a ticket, the more chances you have of winning a prize or gift from us (and our sponsors) during the event. This is particularly true during our closing remarks on May 31st, which we plan on giving out some great gifts thanks to our wonderful sponsors. As far as the math goes, if you are in the first of four groups then you are entered to automatically win for 100% of the prizes. If you’re in the second group, you are entered for 75%. Third: 50%. Fourth: 25%. You see how this goes?

Reason #2: We always sell out. Seriously. Always. Last year we had 770+ attendees and still a waiting list of 100+

Why Are You Still Reading This? Get A Ticket!

Click here to buy your early bird ticket.

BTW even if you are selected as a speaker or qualify for a free ticket, we will reimburse you.