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Announcing WordCamp Miami 2016

We have great news regarding our eighth WordCamp Miami – it will be held at FIU on February 19-21, 2016. We are also proud to announce the Ptah Dunbar will be stepping up as our lead coordinator this year!

We have been in the early staging of planning for the past two months, and we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got planned. Some ideas, concepts, and workshops from previous years are being carried over but also several fresh new concepts as well.

If you want to wait and like to book travel way in advance (at least in WordCamp terms) you may already start looking at the same hotels we recommended last year.

Our call for volunteers, sponsors, and speakers will happen shortly so watch for those announcements. Here’s the best ways to keep updated:

  1. Join our public Slack channel.
  2. Join over 1000 already on our mailing list.
  3. Follow us @wordcampmiami on Twitter.

Be A Part of WordCamp Miami 2016

As of this writing we are literally days away from officially announcing our WordCamp Miami 2016 dates.

This past month we have been starting up the “event engine” which means waking up the coordinators and inviting new ones to increase the energy and diversity of WordCamp Miami planning. If you are interested in being a high-level volunteer and coordinator, please reach out to us directly.

icon128-2xIn the meantime, we are happy to report that we are creating a new Slack team just for this event – and it’s completely open to the public. Which means are free to ask questions directly to the team, in addition to monitoring and offering feedback as we plan the event. What’s also great about this Slack team is that you can meet other future WCMIA 2016 attendees and start conversations BEFORE the event. It’s a great way to have meaningful talks at the event itself if you’ve already started talking beforehand!

Here’s where you can get an invite that gets you into our new Slack WCMIA 2016 team:

More updates coming!


#WCMIA Livestream Archive

Update:  All videos of the speakers talk are moving to

For more information please see our post here.


We are excited to have the ability to live-stream are tracks this year at WordCamp Miami. Follow the information below to view the live-stream:

Links may change after lunch so please check back.

Also, we have a social stream page that you can follow all the tweets and pics that is happening at the event here.  ( )


BuddyCamp Miami:





How-To (SIPA 125):



Content & Design (RDB 1100):



Developer – Sat. (CBC 155):

For FULLSCREEN view press F11.
For optimal audio quality please USE HEADPHONES when listening to presentations.







All Users:

For FULLSCREEN view press F11.
For optimal audio quality please USE HEADPHONES when listening to presentations.



Developer (Sun):



If you are having problems viewing any of the live-streams please send us a tweet on Twitter @WordCampMiami and let us know. There’s no guarantee that the audio or video will play on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.


Slides & Handouts

Please check back for updates!

Friday, 29th:


Front-end/Theme Course:

CSS: Responsive Media Queries

The Beauty of CSS Preprocessors – An Introduction to Sass

The Core Concepts of WordPress Themes


Creating Private Networks with BuddyPress

Move all the things to BuddyPress! (Example File here)

Social Mobile Apps: BuddyPress + WP-API

Saturday, 30th:


How-To Manage All of Your WordPress Sites with Jetpack

How To Improve Your SEO With WordPress

How to Start a WordPress E-commerce site using WooCommerce

How to Take Your WordPress Site Security to the Next Level

How To Start A WordPress Membership Website

How To Find The Best WordPress Plugins For You

How To Structure Your Content In A WordPress Site

How To Optimize Your WordPress Site

How To Contribute to WordPress Without Coding

Content & Design:

The Quick Tech Checklist for Your WordPress E-Commerce Website

Content Marketing + WordPress: A Match Made Online

Streamlining the Web Design Process Using Style Tiles

Constructing a large informational site

How To Speak Unicorn: Improving Designer/Developer Collaboration

Understanding your Project before you start

Developers (Sat):

Introduction To AJAX In WordPress

Beyond The Post: Pushing the limits of Custom Post Types

Building Web Apps with WordPress

WP-CLI: Save Time by Managing WordPress from the Command Line

Integrating Third-party APIs with WordPress

Dev Like You Mean It: Using Vagrant to take your development to the next level

Sunday, 31st:


First Things First – Your Business Model Counts

Building and Leveraging Your Reputation

Contract Basics for Web Professionals

All Users:

Using Expertise, Authority and Trust in Your Content to Boost Search Ranking

Avoiding Dangerous and Low-Quality Plugins and Themes

Developers (Sun):

Genesis Mini-Workshop (Part 1)

Genesis Mini-Workshop (Part 2)

Introduction to Plugin Development

Writing WordPress Plugins with Standards

Intro to WP-API

Building Client Side Web App using WP-API

Intro to Developing Web Sites with WordPress and AngularJS

Build Your Dev Environment with Docker


We’re looking forward to seeing you at WordCamp Miami and wanted to tell you about an exciting partnership with Lyft.

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Free Uber Ride To WordCamp Miami

Uber - WordCamp Miami

Arrive in Style with Uber!

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Uber to provide new Uber users a free ride (up to $20) to or from the Word Camp.
How does it work? Using Uber’s free iPhone/Android/Windows app, you can request a pickup and a car driven by a personal driver will show up in minutes. Your credit card is billed directly for your trip and there’s no need to tip, so you won’t need to carry cash. You can even see the car coming towards you on a map!
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Questions? Check out or email