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Announcing WordCamp Miami 2016

We have great news regarding our eighth WordCamp Miami – it will be held at FIU on February 19-21, 2016. We are also proud to announce the Ptah Dunbar will be stepping up as our lead coordinator this year!

We have been in the early staging of planning for the past two months, and we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got planned. Some ideas, concepts, and workshops from previous years are being carried over but also several fresh new concepts as well.

If you want to wait and like to book travel way in advance (at least in WordCamp terms) you may already start looking at the same hotels we recommended last year.

Our call for volunteers, sponsors, and speakers will happen shortly so watch for those announcements. Here’s the best ways to keep updated:

  1. Join our public Slack channel.
  2. Join over 1000 already on our mailing list.
  3. Follow us @wordcampmiami on Twitter.

Be A Part of WordCamp Miami 2016

As of this writing we are literally days away from officially announcing our WordCamp Miami 2016 dates.

This past month we have been starting up the “event engine” which means waking up the coordinators and inviting new ones to increase the energy and diversity of WordCamp Miami planning. If you are interested in being a high-level volunteer and coordinator, please reach out to us directly.

icon128-2xIn the meantime, we are happy to report that we are creating a new Slack team just for this event – and it’s completely open to the public. Which means are free to ask questions directly to the team, in addition to monitoring and offering feedback as we plan the event. What’s also great about this Slack team is that you can meet other future WCMIA 2016 attendees and start conversations BEFORE the event. It’s a great way to have meaningful talks at the event itself if you’ve already started talking beforehand!

Here’s where you can get an invite that gets you into our new Slack WCMIA 2016 team:

More updates coming!


Say Hello to Duda

We are proud to present a new sponsor for WordCamp Miami, and they are proudly sponsoring our Development Workshops on Sunday (among some other surprises).

inSites are smart, personalized recipes that automatically CHANGE your website at pre determined TRIGGER points (such as Time, Location or Visits etc) to create a richer, more engaged and relevant visitor experience that drives greater conversion. If you are a WordPress developer or owner of a small business, you should definitely check out this fantastic plugin.

Ticket Updates: Sellout and Waiting Lists

We are nearing a sellout! If you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, or if you want to grab a workshop (or BuddyCamp) ticket on May 29th then read below. We also have information on a May 28th social open to everyone.

May 30-31st (Weekend)

As of now, there less than 30 15 weekend tickets left for WordCamp Miami. These will go quickly and once they are gone we will put up a waiting list. Last year, over 100+ people landing on the waiting list and only a few got tickets. Our advise? Avoid that waiting list and grab the last tickets. Please remember tickets you grab now are not refundable.

Click here to grab one of the last WordCamp Miami tickets.

Front-End Workshop Waiting List

Our front-end / theme workshop for May 31st has been sell out for a while and we have a waiting list now available. Click here to add your name to it.

If you are wanting to go to a workshop on Friday (and aren’t new to WordPress, so the beginner’s workshop wouldn’t be a good choice for you) we suggest attending BuddyCamp where you will be able to learn and network even if you aren’t a developer.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 09.54.25

Thursday Night Social

Regardless if you have a WordCamp ticket or not, you can RSVP to a social on Thursday May 28th at the Miami Ad School. Social starts at 5pm and runs to 8pm. Light food/drinks will be served, and we are planning some talks and entertainment. Think of it as a WordPress meetup on steroids. RSVP here.


Winning Flavors For Our Sunday Ice Cream


We asked you to vote for your favorite (Crowd Favorite?) ice cream flavors for the special Nitrogen flavored ice cream to be delivered Sunday afternoon. Here are the winners:

1. Nutella
2. Chocolate
3. Duice de Leche

Remaining winners in order of popularity:

1. Vanilla*
2. Mint
3. Butter Pecan
4. Cake Batter
5. Strawberry
6. Peanut Butter

* = As a fourth place winner, we will try to get some Vanilla on hand.

WordPress Beginner’s 101- May 29th in Miami, FL


Very happy to announce that SiteGround – one of our Gold Sponsors – is also exclusively sponsoring the WordCamp Miami beginner’s workshop. What this means is that we will be talking more about how you can use hosting companies like SiteGround (and others) in setting up your WordPress site. You can look forward to learning about the exclusive offerings SiteGround and other hosting companies are offering to WordCamp Miami attendees.


If you are new to WordPress, then you want to make sure you attend our beginner’s workshop. And as our beginner workshops are quite popular, we wanted to share with you some information before they sell out.

Our workshop is happening on May 29th at FIU. Our workshops worked out last year very well and sold out rather quickly. We limit our workshops to about 100 attendees, SO IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO GRAB A TICKET BEFORE OUR WORKSHOPS SELL OUT.

Registration will start at 8am, and a full day’s schedule is planned (9am to 5pm). Lunch will be provided, so just bring yourself (a laptop or tablet is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, or something to take notes with) and get ready for a full day of getting up to speed with WordPress. After this workshop you’ll be ready for WordCamp Miami weekend (May 30th and May 31st).


Here’s what we cover in our beginner workshop (note that this schedule might be adjusted, and if so we’ll alert all ticket holders).

1. Decisions / Education (Selecting a domain, what hosting provider might be the best for you, comparing vs., etc.)

2. Installation and Setup (Guiding through how to install WordPress and giving a tour of the general WordPress admin)

3. Getting Started with WordPress (Showcasing every day things that you do in WordPress such as creating and editing posts, pages, categories, tags, etc. Also we go into items like comment moderation)

4. WordPress Themes (Discussion about trusted sources of getting WordPress themes, best practices, widgets, menus, header images, background images, and more)

5. Trouble Shooting (Knowledge share on common WordPress problems, troubleshooting, customizing, importing/exporting, and more)

6. Plugins (Best practices for plugins, “must-have” plugins, and how to use WordPress beyond a blogging platform)

Our beginner workshops usually sellout, so if you want to learn more about using WordPress or want to review the basic concepts before the WordCamp Miami weekend, grab a ticket.

WordCamp For Kids: Tickets Now Available!

Once again, WordCamp Miami is holding a WordPress beginner’s workshop for kids. It will be held 10:00am until 12:30pm on May 31st,2015 (Sunday). As far as location, it will be near the other WordCamp Miami sessions at the same venue. We’ll have signs and volunteers to point you in the right direction.

The class will be led by Nikhil V, Sarrah Vesselov, and Michele Butcher. They will walk kids and their parents through the process of setting up a new account and how to get started blogging and publishing content to the Internet.

This class is geared towards 8-12 year olds, however, any age is welcome to attend (space permitting). Parents must be present for children under 13 and all attendees must bring a laptop or tablet. Children under the age of 18 can attend without charge with a paid adult (parent) ticket.

This is designed to be an interactive class, so participation and questions are welcomed and required. After the workshop, they can stay for lunch, and if they are up for it they are welcomed to go to the other sessions in the afternoon if you are supervising them.

Get Your Tickets:

Free tickets for parents are now available. To prevent some from grabbing Kids Workshop tickets accidentally, tickets on the website are $15. However if you contact us directly we can give you a free discount code (or if you purchase the ticket we can compensate you after the purchase).


Guide To WordCamp Miami

If you brand new to WordPress, or perhaps you haven’t done much more than simply publishing posts or pages… then WordCamp Miami holds alot of great information for you. But WordCamp Miami is a big event – so we are providing this QUICK guide to point out some of the many talks and workshops you should see.

Note: Always check the schedule for the exact days/times of sessions, or if there are any last minute cancellations.

Beginner’s Workshop on May 29th

If you are new to WordPress or have only used it a few times, then the Beginner’s Workshop (led by Syed Balkhi and Ptah Dunbar) is a must. A full day workshop that isn’t crowded (no more than 90 people) so you have a chance to try out WordPress is a stress free environment and get your questions answers.

All The How-To Tracks (Saturday, May 30th)

Seriously, we couldn’t pick just one. If you are a WordPress user then you need to take a look at the Saturday “How To” track where a WIDE variety of subjects are covered. Many tracks aren’t JUST for beginners but with the step-by-step instructions and attention from speakers (who will be available in the Happiness Bar after the talks), beginners will feel well at home here.

Chris Lema – Blog Topics (Saturday, May 30th)

Come hear Chris’s specific tips to help you find blog topic and how to get started writing without stress.

Avoiding Dangerous And Low-Quality Plugins and Themes

Choosing a theme or plugin can be as daunting a task buying a new car. Rami Abraham discuss several points that will hopefully provide attendees with a list of indicators and features to look for when making these choices. The goal is to get a high quality product, provided by a company that offers support, should you need it.

Growing Your Non-Profit With WordPress

Even if you don’t have a non-profit now, Tim Sisson’s tips on using WordPress can still apply to what you do.

Writing For The Web

Nakeesha Charles will show you how to write more clearly on your website.

Today Is Your Last Day To Guarantee Yourself A T-Shirt

If you are thinking about grabbing a WordCamp Miami ticket and getting some cool swag – including a t-shirt – then today is your day. Literally. After today, we send off our order to the t-shirt company who doesn’t guarantee any additional shirts on late orders.

This year, we have quite a bit of surprises for those who don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t be left out!

Click here to grab your ticket.

Less Than 48 Hours Left To Get a WordCamp Miami T-Shirt

If you are thinking about grabbing a WordCamp Miami ticket, be aware that you must do so by May 7th in order to guarantee yourself on our infamous (famous?) WordCamp Miami t-shirts. After May 7th, we send off our order to the t-shirt company who doesn’t guarantee any additional shirts on late orders.

This year, we have quite a bit of surprises for those who don’t wait until the last minute. Don’t be left out!